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Vacations are the time to just relax, enjoy and find oneself. As adults we can just stare into the sunset or at the ocean or mountain or rain and find ourselves.

But children need to create, experiment, jump in the puddle, get colours on their face, discuss, talk, sing, dance and do things to find their talents.

Let us look at some things they can do during the vacations.

Biography – Find an inspiring person, a role model. Write his/her story, struggles and successes. Why do you feel the person is inspiring? It could be a Scientist, Singer, Dancer, Artist, Sculptor, Author, Historian, Scholar, Mathematician or a Warrior.

Now draw a picture/poster related to his life, make a PPT and present it with voice recording. Create your own poem with this story as inspiration, create a speech, song, dance, drama, public awareness with this. Act it out and video record the poem/ song /dance / drama /public awareness program

Travelogue – Did you visit any interesting places during the vacation. Use that as the base. What did you learn there? What did you do there? What did you enjoy there? Write a travelogue – how did you go, where did you stay, what was your day like, what were your feelings etc.

Now, use some photos from the trip, some words from your report, create a drawing, poem, story, song, dance, drama or recreate a dish that you enjoyed, act out how someone helped you in the trip. List out the learning from the trip – did you learn how to pack, how to book tickets, how to take care of your things, how to reach places on time, how to be careful and planned, how to stand in a queue. Create a public awareness poster or script and draw or act it. You could combine this with a Biography of a famous person related to this place of visit. Or you could combine this with a life skill you learnt while out there.

General Knowledge – Take up any topic that you feel strongly about. It could be geography, history, sports, music, cooking, politics, cleanliness, environment, planning, organization, crafts, education. You could combine this with a Biography of a famous personality related to this subject.

Create a script for telling people about it. Use story, song, dance, skit, activity, poem, video, music to convey this to people.

Life Skills – Take up a skill that you want to learn or improve in. Research about it. Do activities in it. It could be Cooking, Basic First Aid, Social Skills and Manners, Personal Health and Hygiene, Money Management, Gadget Safety . It is said that when you want to learn something, teach, demo, explain and show to others. Plan how you would train others in this skill. Create a training program, video, PPT. You can combine this with the travelogue if it relates to what you learnt while travelling.

Fine Arts – Art, Craft, Sculpture, Music, Drama, Dance, Speech, Rangoli, Henna, Stitching, Knitting – Create a video, talk about it, explain it to your friends. You could combine this with a Biography of an artist famous in this art.

Science – Any science experiment that is fun, safe and uses things that are usually available at home. Ensure that you do this under adult supervision. Create a story, poem, song, skit about the experiment – use it to explain the concept and the activity. You could combine this with a Biography of the scientist related to this concept.

Maths – Any Maths activity that is fun or tricky or wow. Create a story about the activity. Create a few problems you can solve using this trick. Solve and show in PPT or video. You could combine this with a Biography of the mathematician related to this concept.

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